An Interview With Delivery Rank

An Interview With Delivery Rank

Melanie Gagnon is at the heart of Cork It Wine Making, North Vancouver’s premier destination for on-premise wine and cider making, as well as home brewing supplies. With a legacy spanning since November 2000, Melanie and her team have cultivated a space where brewing outstanding beverages is more than a process – it’s an experience. Alongside her passionate team, Melanie fosters a community where diverse individuals come together to create, learn, and connect. DeliveryRank has the pleasure.

Could you share a bit about the history and mission of Cork It Wine Making? What inspired you to establish this on-premise wine making company in North Vancouver?

We are a wine making company that has been in operation for over 23 years in North Vancouver, B.C. Canada. We have always been about crafting great wine and community! Aside from wines and ciders, we host a variety of workshops and events. 

My husband David Bataille was the original owner and started his dream of owning his own wine making business. On April 6th, 2011, disaster struck and Dave lost his life-long battle with a congenital heart condition. After his passing, I took the reins of the business with Dave’s memory and inspiration always in my heart. 

With over 100 products available for wine and cider making, Cork It offers a diverse range of options. How do you ensure the quality of the ingredients and equipment you provide, and what sets your selection apart from other suppliers?

Our company offers a space for our clients to craft their own wine, mead, sparkling wine and ciders and we also offer home brewing supplies to the home brewer. 

The wines that are made on site vary from B.C. harvested grapes, to wine concentrated to local fruit blended ciders. You name it, we will ferment it! Our customers purchase wine by the batch of 30 bottles and save lots of money compared to purchasing commercial wines from the liquor store. We love experimenting with recipes and a good challenge when it comes to brewing. We also offer a 100% guarantee on all our products. 

Affordability is a key factor for many customers. How is Cork It able to offer wines at such competitive prices compared to commercial alternatives, while still maintaining high quality?

Since our consumers are purchasing the grape juice and ingredients to make the wine on site, they pay very little tax. U brew facilities often purchase ingredients like grapes, juice, and other materials in bulk, which can lead to cost savings that are passed on to customers. When making wine at a u brew, customers are directly involved in the winemaking process and they get to be the wine maker. They will get to customize everything from the wine to the packaging and custom labels. 

Creating a sense of community often accompanies experiences like wine making. How does Cork It foster a community of wine lovers, and what special events or activities do you organize to bring people together? 

We have created a space where people want to be! We often get told that our funky warehouse has a great “vibe” and we rent our facility out for many functions. From paint nights, to yoga, to craft markets, we do it all! 

Our mission at Cork It is to foster a vibrant and inclusive space where individuals come together to not only brew exceptional beverages but also to cultivate lasting relationships and enrich their creative spirits. Through shared experiences, hands-on learning, and the joy of crafting, we aim to build a community that celebrates diversity, promotes collaboration, and inspires the pursuit of flavorful passions. With every batch brewed, we’re dedicated to nurturing an environment where both novices and experts can exchange knowledge, elevate their craft, and craft memories that flow beyond the glass.


The idea of hosting a wedding wine making party sounds intriguing can you tell us what this experience entails, and how Cork It helps couples and their guests create personalized, memorable wines for their special day? 

A wedding winemaking party is a unique and engaging way to add a personalized touch to your special day, allowing couples and their guests to actively participate in creating custom wines that will be enjoyed during the wedding celebration. 

The process begins with a consultation between the couple and our winemaking experts. During this meeting, the couple can express their preferences in terms of wine type, flavor profiles, and even labeling designs. This ensures that the wine created will perfectly complement the overall wedding theme and the couple’s taste. They will mix the ingredients and sprinkle the yeast. We take care of the rest until their bottling party. 

Once the fermentation and aging process is complete, the wines are ready to be bottled. The couple can provide personalized labels that reflect their names, wedding date, and a design that holds sentimental value. They make great party favors too! Guests can assist in the labeling and bottling process, turning it into a fun and collaborative activity. Turn on some tunes, bring some snacks and sample your wine!

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