Our Story

Founder David Bataille began his career as an apprentice at Rack It! Winemaking. Under the watchful eye of Salvatore Crescenzo and Don Isaak, Dave learned Old World and New World techniques. everything he needed to know to one day start his own business If Salvatore and Don inspired him, then his trip to France is what truly ignited his passion for winemaking.

Upon returning from France, in November of the year 2000, Dave realized his dream and opened Cork It Winemaking. For seven years, Cork It remained very small, but Dave and his wife Melanie travelled abroad to China as wine making consultants teaching Chinese winemakers how to expertly craft superior red wines which were growing in popularity.

On April 6th, 2011, disaster struck and Dave lost his life-long battle with a congenital heart condition. He left his business and dreams in the hands of his wife, Melanie. Clayton and his team firmly supported Melanie as she took the reins of the business with Dave’s memory and inspiration always in her heart. The knowledge and love of the craft that Dave practised continues to breed great wine through Cork It’s crew.

As you walk through the warehouse of wine, Dave’s lingering presence is found throughout the store….photos of him, his skateboard collection and his DJ gear can be seen at every turn, a reminder to the staff and customers of Dave’s legacy.