The Winemaking Process & Customer Responsibilities

Choose your wine and initiate the fermentation process.

step1When you come to Cork It Wine Making we will spend some time together trying to figure out what type of wine will best suit your palette. As a customer you are required to pay for all ingredients before starting the fermentation process and sign the necassary documents. We do not accept payment upon pick up due to these circumstances. You will then be required to pour all the concentrate into a primary fermenter, add water, applicable wine additives and sprinkle the yeast to initiate fermentation.
Voila! You’re on the path to making your very own wine! Its that easy! We take care of the rest until the bottling process!

While your waiting…

step2Approximately 14 days later, we test the wine using a hydrometer to measure alcohol levels. When the fermentation process is complete, we rack the wine from our primary fermenter into a glass carboy. We add clearing and stabilizing ingredients and let the wine settle for another 14-28 days depending on the wine kit you’ve chosen as each process is different. We will then rack the clear product, degass it to remove any extra CO2 and filter it to ensure there is no sediment.

Bottling Process…

bottlingWhen your wine is ready, we give you a call and you can book an appointment during our convenient business hours. You will sterilize your bottles using our bottle washing system to ensure they are sanitary before filling. Our automatic bottle filler and corking machine are convenient and easy to use.

Once you’ve corked the bottles you can choose one of many labels and shrink wraps from our huge selection. Get creative! Our customers are proud to show off their dressed up bottles while entertaining their guests! Ask about making custom labels for weddings and events $10 per batch (30 labels)
The best part of course is enjoying a glass or two of your wine, the longer you age it the better it get