Crafting Success: The Creative Journey of Wet Coast Marketing’s Founder, Britt Dolleren, and Her Artistic Legacy

Crafting Success: The Creative Journey of Wet Coast Marketing’s Founder, Britt Dolleren, and Her Artistic Legacy


We recently met up with Britt Dolleren, the visionary force driving Wet Coast Marketing, and discovered the enchanting story behind her journey from crafting MySpace pages to leading a thriving marketing enterprise. In this exclusive interview, Britt unveils the history and mission of Wet Coast Marketing, sharing insights into her unique, data-driven approach to simplify the complexities of digital marketing for businesses. Notably, she sheds light on her collaborative ventures, including her partnership with Cork It Winemaking, where she serves as the Google Ads expert and lends her creative touch to crafting distinctive label designs. Join us on a captivating exploration of Britt’s career, her dedication to customer success, and the vibrant tapestry of her artistic family legacy.

Could you share a bit about the history and mission Wet Coast Marketing? 

Right out of high school, I was dead set on a graphic design career. But, as it turns out, life had a different plan. I landed in the New Media and Design program at BCIT – totally by accident. Best. Mistake. Ever.

Starting my own gig fresh out of BCIT, I jumped into creating those funky MySpace pages for musicians – ah, good old MySpace days, the digital equivalent of the Wild West before everyone hopped onto Facebook. It was a mix of chaos, music blasting out of nowhere, and endless creativity. And you know what? I absolutely loved every bit of it.

Fast forward to today at Wet Coast Marketing, we get how tricky digital marketing can be. So, our game plan? Make things way simpler for businesses. With our data-driven, no-nonsense approach, we help businesses really connect with their local communities. We’re all about building customer loyalty and boosting sales – making sure our clients get real, kick-ass results in this digital jungle.

What inspired you to establish your business?

Starting my own business right after graduating from BCIT was an incredible, eye-opening adventure. This industry’s a wild ride of ups and downs, so when my now-husband went back to school, I stepped into the corporate world and kept Wet Coast going as my side gig. I worked in marketing departments and design studios – talk about a whirlwind learning experience in digital everything: marketing, web development, graphic design, you name it.

Then, in June 2021, I decided it was time to shift gears. I wanted more moments with my kids and to focus on me, rebuilding my client base. And guess what? I went for it! Turning out to be one of the best calls I’ve ever made for me and my family.

What is your speciality in marketing?

I’m like a Swiss army knife for small businesses – a one-stop shop where you can get everything you need. Diving into the nitty-gritty of analytics is my thing, and I love making sure your online presence looks awesome. Always up for sharing ideas and suggestions, I’m an open book. And don’t worry, I’m not about keeping secrets – I’m all about sharing what I know!

What sets your business apart from other marketing companies?

Spending 18 years working in design houses and collaborating with thousands of small businesses has been quite the journey, packed with lessons. But the biggest one? It’s all about being kind and communicative. This simple truth sticks with me every day, both in my work and in life. Whether it’s design or day-to-day interactions, it’s those human connections that really count and make everything worthwhile. People just want to know you’ve got their back. 

When you aren’t creating happy customers, what do you love to do in your spare time?

I’m super proud to be a mom to two awesome girls – Olive, who’s totally rocking the art scene, and Etta, a born star with her amazing acting skills. It’s just amazing to see my designs out there in the city and working with cool business owners, especially kick-ass women like Melanie from Cork It Winemaking. It’s a real high for me.

Also, art’s kind of our family thing – we’ve got a whole line of amazing artists. I guess it’s in my blood to create cool stuff, whether that’s making jewelry with Olive, getting messy with paint, designing digital art for bags, doing a bit of felting, sewing, or knitting. I get really into it, spending like six months at a time just diving deep into learning each new craft. It’s a blast!

Interesting! Can you tell me more about your family?

Of course, my family’s got a really cool artistic legacy. There’s Claude Rains, the film legend we’re somehow connected to, and brag about every chance I get (Casablanca, The Invisible Man, etc). My great-granddad Frank Rains, was a cartoonist who drew on anything with a blank surface. Then there’s my great-uncle Barrie – if you’re a sports fan, you’ve probably seen his Grizzlies logo. My grandma brags about not being able to walk around Vancouver without seeing his work. And my uncle Graham, who’s got some serious design chops, even worked with Paul McCartney on the One album. They really inspired me into knowing I can turn my love into a career.

The real hero in my story is my grandma, Janis. She was more like a mom to me, filling my life with colours, laughter, and endless creativity. We’d spend hours crafting jewelry, painting, doing something creative and cool, and just having a blast. She’s a pro with oil paints, a patience-testing medium I haven’t quite gotten the hang of yet (it takes 6 months to dry!!).

My dad, Rob, is another huge influence. He’s the king of turning anything into something special, be it poker tables, chairs, chalk holders, poker chips, I could go on and on. His creations aren’t just nice to look at; they make life more fun. He’s got this way of making everything special for his friends and family, and I try to bring that same thoughtfulness into everything I do.

Check out her site at for a dose of inspiration and see how she’s making waves in the digital landscape.


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