Large Events Winemaking Party

Large Events Winemaking Party

Are you looking to try something new with your work team? Would you like to celebrate a loved one and have a hands on experience in a funky little craft winemaking warehouse? This it the perfect venue for your next event! We can accommodate 10-20 guests for a wine bottling party.

  • 8 Kit Minimum
  • $20 Off Each Batch
  • Free Custom High Quality Labels
Inquire TodayChoose From 150+ Wines
4 Week Best Value Wines not included.

Choose Your Wine Kit

With the biggest selection on the North Shore, Cork It has over 150 wines to choose from. Not sure where to start? Come in for a consultation and let one of our friendly staff members lend you their expertise. Whether you are looking for red, white, rose, dessert, cider or fruit wine, we have something to suit everyones palette! Learn more.

Make Your Wine

Starting the process is simple! Come into our store and we will set up your profile. You will sign the necessary legal documents and sprinkle the ingredients to start the fermentation process. Learn more.

Bottle Your Wine

When your wine is ready for bottling our staff members will call you to notify you and arrange an appointment for you to bottle your wine or cider. Please allow approximately 30 minutes per batch of wine (30 bottles). Learn more.

Wine Making Party FAQ's

Q: How much wine will one kit make?

A: All of our wine, fruit and cider kits will yield 30 regular 750 ml wine bottles or 23 litres. Our ports, mead and ice wine will yield 30 375 ml dessert wine style bottles or 15 regular 750ml wine bottles.

Q: 30 Bottles of wine is a lot! Can I split my batch of wine with friends?

A: If you are short on space, make wine with friends! 15 bottles of wine will disappear faster than you think! If you want to try a few different varietals check out our group packages and split up the wines between friends to diversify your wine cellar.

Q: What is included in the price of my wine kit?

A: When you pay for any wine to be made on premise, the cost will include all the ingredients to make the wine including the juice, labels, corks, generic labels, shrink caps and the use of our facility make and bottle your wine.

Q: What if I don't have enough empty bottles at home when its time to bottle my wine?

A: Cork It offers a variety of packaging options including regular 750ml wine bottles, 1.5L bottles , 375ml ice wine and port style bottles, belgium swingtops, sparkling and cider bottles. We also have wine bladder bags and box dispensers which make bottling even easier!

Q: How much will it cost me to make wine at Cork It?

A: Our prices range from $125 to $290 per batch of 30 750ml wine bottles. With so many options in pricing, there is something to suit everyones budget. We guarantee you will be saving BIG compared to commercial comparisons.

Q: How long does it take to bottle my wine?

A: Depending on what kind of packaging you use, the bottling process usually is about 20-30 minutes per 30 bottles of wine. All of our equipment is automatic. Ask us to throw on some tunes and give your wine a try during your next bottling appointment.