Cork it Crew

Melanie Gagnon

WSET certified Levels 1&2

Countless times I have been lucky enough to witness the magic of wine as not only  an art form but also a way to bring people together. It is the craftsmanship, the beauty and the potential of wine that inspires me to bring the highest quality vintners to my community. My passion for the industry  continues to grow with every success and new opportunity. Melanie’s other passions include snowboarding the local North Shore mountains, trail running, off-roading, camping and spending most of her free time in nature.

Andie Hawkes


WSET certified Levels 1&2

There are two things that Andie really likes, wine and murder. After spending 8 years in an office she decided to pursue her passions leaving Alberta behind for a life of wine making and Criminology studies in Vancouver. When not being entertained by the soothing sounds of true crime podcasts, Andie enjoys snowboarding, fam jammin’ and live music … and wine. Did we mention she likes wine?

Matthijs Gerritsen

Production Manager

Being born and raised in Europe, Matt has wine running through his DNA. Before starting to work at Cork It, he only loved drinking wine. Now he’s very passionate about making wine,  ciders and meads. Being a chef and product designer, Matt loves to use his creativity to come up with new and exciting ciders and honey meads. When Matt’s not drinking wine, making wine or thinking about wine, he loves being outdoors; snowboarding, tennis, a nice hike or simply working in his vegetable garden. From time to time, he loves to throw a multiple course dinner party with of course lots and lots and lots of wine! 

Michael Mucha

Wine maker’s apprentice/ customer service

Mikey grew up in North Vancouver and has been working in the wine industry for three years. Wine work has taken him from the Okanagan to New Zealand and he loves the Sauvignon Blanc from there. He is currently doing the Winemaking Certificate Program with UC Davis, please ask him any wine questions you may have been pondering. Outside of the wine world, you can find him hiking the local trails, at the rock climbing gym, or at concerts.


Max is our shop mascot and official desk greeter! He is super friendly and always makes our clients smile.

Grrrrr, woof, bark!