Crafting Blackberry Merlot with Local B.C. Berries

Crafting Blackberry Merlot with Local B.C. Berries

As the sun-kissed landscapes of British Columbia transition into the delightful season of berry picking, wine enthusiasts and nature lovers alike find themselves drawn to the lush berry-laden fields. There’s something truly magical about foraging for fresh, plump berries and then transforming them into a delectable wine that captures the essence of the region. In this blog post, we’ll explore the art of picking local blackberries and using them to create a captivating Blackberry Merlot that’s bound to tantalize your taste buds.

Nature’s Bounty: Picking Local Berries

British Columbia’s diverse terrain offers an abundance of wild berries that flourish during the summer months. From the sun-soaked Okanagan Valley to the misty coastal rainforests, each region boasts its own unique selection of berries, each bursting with flavour and nutrients. 

As the season arrives, it’s time to grab your baskets and head outdoors! One of the most coveted berries in the region is the luscious blackberry. Laden with a rich, deep flavour and a touch of tartness, blackberries have an irresistible allure that’s perfect for winemaking. While blackberries are the most popular choice, huckleberries, hakusp, and wild raspberries are also a delicious addition. 

The Blackberry Merlot: A Marriage of Flavours

When it comes to wine, Merlot is renowned for its smooth, velvety character. Imagine infusing that inherent elegance with the bold, robust essence of locally harvested blackberries. The result? A Blackberry Merlot that not only showcases the terroir of British Columbia but also delights the senses with each sip.

Crafting Your Blackberry Merlot: The Process

Before embarking on this winemaking adventure, ensure you have at least 2 gallons (approximately 7.6 liters) of frozen blackberries, as this quantity is essential to yield 23 liters of wine.


  • – 2 gallons (7.6 liters) of frozen blackberries. Please bring them thawed for your appointment to make the wine
  • – 1 wine making kit (We suggest a 4 week premium Chilean Merlot as the base)



 Step One, Start The Picking!: Be sure to pick the most ripe blackberries. The ones that practically fall right off the vine and into your hands! They will produce the best wine due to their sugar content. Place them in a ziploc bag or container and freeze them. This will help the fruit breakdown and concentrate the sugars. Thaw the frozen blackberries and bring them in on the date you plan on making wine with us. 

 Step Two, Start The Fermentation: We will mix up the wine grape must, ingredients and add the blackberries to a cheese cloth. You will pitch the yeast and the rest is history! You are on your way to making award winning wine! The wine will usually take 8 weeks to make depending on the clearing process. The deep hue of the blackberries will infuse the wine with a captivating color.

 Step Three, Bottle Your Blackberry Brew: After fermentation is complete, we will filter your wine to make sure it is ready for the bottling process. We will book and appointment for bottling your brew. Once you get your wine home,  allow the flavours to meld and mature for 3 months or more. 

Step Four, Enjoy!: The wait is over – your Blackberry Merlot is now ready to be enjoyed. Pour a glass, take in the deep aroma, and relish the harmonious blend of Merlot’s elegance and blackberry’s intensity.

Capturing the Essence of British Columbia

With every sip of your homemade Blackberry Merlot, you’ll be reminded of the natural beauty that graces British Columbia. The meticulous act of picking the berries, nurturing the fermentation process, and waiting for the wine to mature parallels the beauty of the landscapes themselves.

So, as the berries beckon from the bushes and the vines unfurl in anticipation, embark on this winemaking journey. With a touch of craftsmanship and a dash of nature’s bounty, you’ll be raising a glass in no time! Cheers your brew that encapsulates the heart of the province in every velvety, berry-infused drop!


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