Zinfandel, The Most Underrated BBQ Wine

Zinfandel, The Most Underrated BBQ Wine
  1. Though often associated with California, Zinfandel is genetically equivalent to the Croatian grape, Crljenak Kaštelanski and a Southern Italy grape Primitivo.
  1. Around 1980, White Zinfandel achieved widespread popularity in America as a slightly sweet blush wine. In fact, this popularity was so strong that most think there is actually a grape called “White Zinfandel.”


  1. Despite White Zinfandel being made with the Zinfandel grape it is very different that the red wine. White Zinfandel is a blush, semi-sweet wine, made by removing the juice from the skins during fermentation and adding sugar.


  1. “Old vine” Zinfandel is particularly sought after as it intensifies the fruit and spice flavors of the grape.
  1. During prohibition, Zinfandel was popular with home winemakers and was used for making sacramental wine. Zinfandel was more popular locally as it was more likely to rot after a period making it less popular to send to the East Coast.


  1. Zinfandel is a sun-loving grape and can become very ripe on the vine, which, in turn, can lead to high alcohol levels.
  1. During the Gold Rush in the 1850’s Zinfandel made its way to California.  Throughout the 20th century, California has been recognized as having the most exceptional regions for growing this grape.


  1. When Zinfandel wine ages, it sometimes tastes “hot” (predominantly alcoholic) and is often at its best within 3-5 years of its vintage.

The mix of sweet fruit and spice makes Zinfandel a perfect varietal for anything on the grill. Try it at your next BBQ and enjoy!



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