Make Wine this Valentine’s Day and Try Our Chocolate Pairings!

Make Wine this Valentine’s Day and Try Our Chocolate Pairings!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and it is an excellent opportunity to show someone special you care about them. And although going out for dinner and getting roses for your significant other is always a good idea, there are much more exciting things you can do as a couple on this special day. How does making your own wine sound?

If you live in North Vancouver, you can make wine at Cork It Wine Making, and yes, it’s as fun and romantic as it sounds! It’s fascinating, too. Here’s what you need to know. 

The Perfect Date 

Making wine is a lovely way of ‘getting your hands dirty’ with your partner and experiencing the magic of fermentation. Customize your batch and come back after a few weeks for your personalized wine, perfectly corked and labeled. Not all wine is created equal, so you’ll have a lot of fun finding the right style for you; from age-worthy red wines to thirst-quenching whites, the sky’s the limit! 

The best part? Making wine is fun, but drinking it is better; well our standard packages yield 30 bottles of beautiful wine that you’ll enjoy for the rest of the year and beyond. Save some to open on future anniversaries!

There’s A Wine Style for All Palates 

If you want an elegant red wine with a silky palate, brew yourself a Pinot Noir. For a rustic wine with Italian spirit, our Sangiovese has the loveliest Tuscan feel. And if you have sweet intentions, you’ll love making White Zinfandel or Moscato!

Young or robust red wines, easy sippers, creamy Chardonnays, and everything in between, choosing what wine to brew is the most thrilling step of the process. Can you find a wine style you and your partner will enjoy? Oh, and if you’re not all that into wine, you can make cider instead!

Making wine is an act of love; it takes time and patience, just like building a relationship. Wine is fun, too! Does this mean making wine is the perfect Valentine’s Day date? We surely think so, and we think you’ll do too, especially once you take a sip of your very own wine. Now, that’s a Valentine’s gift!

Wine and Chocolate Pairings

And because Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be the same without chocolate, here are our favorite chocolate and wine pairings. Try them with your significant other and find your ideal combination. 

Pinot Noir – Mocha Truffles. Pinot’s soft tannins and chocolate undertones pair well with cocoa powder, like the one used to coat fudgy truffles. 

Cabernet Sauvignon – Dark Chocolate. Dark chocolate is a bitter-sweet delight, but it needs an equally bold wine to shine, and that’s where Cabernet Sauvignon comes in! Think of chocolate-coated cherries. 

Merlot – Milk Chocolate. Merlot is a round wine with smooth tannins and a juicy palate. Just like milk chocolate, there’s something mellow about Merlot that makes this combination successful every time. 

Moscato – White Chocolate. And for all those white chocolate lovers out there, we invite you to try your favorite white chocolate with a peachy Moscato; the sweeter, the better. The combination is heavenly.



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