Health and Wine, How Healthy Is Wine?

Health and Wine, How Healthy Is Wine?


Does Drinking A Glass Of Your Favourite Vino Have Health Benefits?

We all know wine is a complex beverage — it comes in all colors and styles — no two bottles are the same! And although wine has a huge fan base, most people enjoy it for its flavor and booziness. Still, there’s another excellent reason to enjoy wine often — wine is healthy.

Here is all you need to know about the positive effects of drinking wine and its interaction with our bodies. First things first, wine is healthy, but you should still consume it in moderation, as all alcoholic beverages are bad for your health if abused. Having said that, let’s talk about wine’s health benefits. 

Not All Wine is Equally Healthy

What makes wine healthy at many levels is its polyphenols, plant-based particles in the form of pigments and tannins, which act as antioxidants in our system. And although all wine has some polyphenols, they’re much more concentrated in red wine.

The healthiest compounds in wine are in the grapes’ skins, and red wine absorbs more of them due to long maceration periods. Although there’s nothing wrong with enjoying white, rosé and sparkling wine now and then if you want to make the most out of wine’s benefits, drink red wine. 

Wine Has Antioxidants 

To understand antioxidants, we must first talk about oxidative stress. Free radicals float in our bloodstream and attach to cells, causing damage at a DNA level — this is called oxidative stress, which causes inflammation and increases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and even cancer. We can’t avoid free radicals, as we constantly produce the imbalanced molecules, even by breathing!

Antioxidants in wine and other foods like dark chocolate, berries and leafy greens bind with free radicals, preventing them from causing damage. The most common antioxidants in red wine include resveratrol, quercetin, tannins and catechin.

Wine — Good for Your Heart and More

Studies suggest wine antioxidants can also control the production of ‘bad’ low-density cholesterol, responsible for blocking arteries while promoting the good kind of cholesterol, the high-density one. Together with lower blood pressure and reduced chronic inflammation, red wine is an authentic superfood for heart health. 

And there’s more. Since free radicals are partially responsible for premature aging, antioxidants in wine can promote longevity and help you look young for longer. Of course, there are many other alleged benefits to drinking wine in moderation; we’ve just scratched the surface! There are around 1000 compounds in wine, and they all work differently in our bodies. 

Yes, Wine is Healthy

Now that we’ve discussed the most researched benefits of consuming wine, let’s address the most critical question. How much wine should you drink to enjoy these benefits? Generally, 1-2 glasses of red wine every day seem to be the sweet spot. Still, since we’re all different, talk to your doctor before making significant changes in your lifestyle and diet. 

Enjoy wine because it is delicious, and let its benefits be a plus. After all, drinking wine makes us happy, especially when enjoyed with others, and happiness is healthy too!


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