Wine Decor: 9 Ways to Use Bottles to Decorate Your Home

Wine Decor: 9 Ways to Use Bottles to Decorate Your Home

If you love drinking wine, there’s no doubt you have a few empty bottles laying around your home. Instead of letting them collect dust, transform them into a statement piece that any wine enthusiast would love. 

Here are some ideas on how you can showcase your bottles and create unique wine decor perfect for your home.

1. Create an herb garden

If you consider yourself to be an avid wine drinker, a plant lover, and on top of that, an advocate for everything low-maintenance, then you’ll love recycling your empty wine bottles and converting them into self-watering planters. Instead of hearing the clink, clink, clink as you throw away the bottles into the recycling bin, you can create a mini wine-herb garden in your kitchen and grow fresh herbs to cook with while you enjoy the process of emptying out another one. – Wine Eat and Travel

2. Repurpose the label

My go-to method to remember a nice bottle of wine and the experience I had with it is to delicately remove the label from the bottle. The label can then be used as a decorative item in a variety of ways. In our house, we’ve applied the labels to inexpensive wooden tables, applied a sealant, and then had a custom piece of glass cut and placed on top. When designed well, these tables can be both fun and useful statement pieces around the house, and even outdoors. To remove a label with relative ease, place a bottle of wine in the oven at around 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. Use oven mitts to remove the bottle, and then use the edge of a sharp knife to gently peel off the label. Not all labels will peel off easily, as producers around the world use many different types of glue that vary in quality, but the majority will. – Greig Santos-Buch, Co-Founder and Wine Tourism Specialist at Winetraveler 

3. Utilize wine stylish racks

Wine racks not only make for great decor but are also really important for storing your wine. Look for one that’ll hold your bottles horizontally and keep them out of sunlight. Never place bottles (or your wine rack) on top of the fridge. It might be convenient, but your fridge vibrates and gives off heat – both of which can damage your wine. – Vinebase

4. Use corks to help your plants

Help save the world one cork at a time. Instead of throwing your corks in the garbage, just throw them on top of the soil surrounding your plant, which will look good and help the plants better preserve water. – Henry’s Wine & SpiritBrooklyn, NY

5. Aesthetics come second

Your wine collection on display makes a statement about your fine taste. There are many beautiful rack systems to choose from that turn your collection into part of the home decor. But aesthetics should always be secondary to protecting the quality of your wines. Storing in climate-controlled cellars and wine fridges between 56-59 degrees Fahrenheit will ensure memorable tasting experiences for many years to come. Start there and make the esthetic the secondary part of your decision. – Tony Margiotta

6. Sanitization is key

It’s very important to monitor the cleanliness of your bottles. When you’re finished drinking a bottle, rinse it right after and store it neck-side down in a wine box to allow some of the moisture to exit the bottle. This will minimize the possibility of mold forming on the inside of the bottle. If you see any mold particles in your bottles, we would recommend recycling them. – Cork It Wine MakingNorth Vancouver, BC

7. Display your collection on a bar cart

A bar cart may be one of the most underutilized accessories in your home. It’s functional enough to store wine bottles, glasses, and other supplies to make entertaining guests easy and fun. – Wine Spencer

8. Create wine bottle lights

If you have a cellar or a cool space in your home, you can hang wine bottles in cords attached to the ceiling at various heights along a wall for storage and invite your dinner guests to choose which bottle to open. These should be bottles you intend to drink soon or that you hang only for a special occasion. For empty wine bottles, why not design your own light fixtures or lampshades? Try cutting off the bottom of the bottle and inserting a light bulb or insert led light loops inside the bottle to light up your terrace at night. – Grapevine Adventures

9. Showcase your wine in a properly sealed glass case

While showcasing your favorite wine in a glass display may be nice, make sure your collection isn’t in direct sunlight. Light exposure can be detrimental to the health of your wine. Long-term storage for the optimal preservation of wine could be in a quiet oasis of refrigerated space using properly sealed glass in the main viewing area of the home. – Fainting Goat Wine CellarsDallas, TX


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