Traminer- Riesling, Australia

Traminer- Riesling, Australia


Looking for a ‘riesling” to make good wine? Try our 6-Week Premium Traminer Riesling from the sun-kissed vineyards of Australia. This wine is an ode to the delicate dance of nature and craftsmanship, where each sip unveils a mosaic of flavours. Imagine strolling through an orchard in full bloom, where the air is kissed with the scent of blooming flowers, and the trees are heavy with stone fruits. It’s the essence of floral stone fruit that takes the lead, like a symphony of nature’s beauty in a glass. Honeysuckle joins in, offering a delicate sweetness, and the refreshing zest of lime adds a touch of vibrancy.

Our Premium Traminer Riesling is like a harmonious serenade, where the stone fruit, honeysuckle, and lime come together to create a masterpiece of balance and grace. This wine is a tribute to the art of winemaking and the splendor of the vineyards that produce it. Crafting this wine means becoming part of a passionate community that celebrates the beauty of winemaking and the excellence of Traminer Riesling. Raise your glass to craftsmanship, innovation, and the fusion of tradition and modernity, offering a wine that’s as elegant as it is inviting, much like the enchanting landscapes of Australian vineyards. Cheers to the joy of crafting, tasting, and sharing the allure of our 6-Week Premium Traminer Riesling!

Food pairings: Thai Green Curry with Shrimp, Grilled Chicken with Peach Salsa, & Lemon and Herb-Crusted Sea Bass.

Ready to bottle in 6 weeks.

Makes 30 bottles of wine.

Alcohol Content 12%

Type: White | Sweetness: Off-Dry | Oak: No Oak | Body: Light-Medium

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