Super Tuscan, Tuscany, Italy

Super Tuscan, Tuscany, Italy


Looking for a bold and bodacious red wine? Then our Italian Super Tuscan wine will be your favourite new vino to hit your wine cellar! This isn’t your typical wine; it’s a symphony of rich flavours, just like a catchy tune that you can’t help but dance to. Loaded with ripe red cherry, blackberry, and juicy plum, it’s like a fruit-filled playlist for your taste buds. But we didn’t stop there – we’ve added a dash of vanilla and spice to create a remix that’s as smooth as your favourite vinyl record. The result? A wine that’s rich and smooth, flowing like a classic groove, with velvety tannins that make every sip feel like a dance on a soft, moonlit night.

This Super Tuscan is more than a wine; it’s a statement of style, an old world style of wine but young at heart. Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or just looking for a good time, our Italian Super Tuscan is your ultimate jam. Raise your glass to the richness of life, the smoothness of the wine, and the beat that’s always ready for the next party. It’s not just a wine; it’s a party starter in a bottle. Cheers to the fun side of wine!

Food Pairings: Margherita Pizza with Fresh Basil, Grilled Portobello Mushrooms with Pesto & Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Brownies.

Makes 30 bottles of wine.

Ready to bottle in 8 weeks. Includes genuine grape skins.

  • It is recommended to age this wine for a minimum of 3 months.

Alcohol Content 14%

Type: Red | Sweetness: Dry | Oak: Heavy | Body: Full

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