Pinot Gris, Yakima Valley Washington

Pinot Gris, Yakima Valley Washington


Get ready to unleash your inner wine rebel with our 8-Week Washington Pinot Gris, crafted right here at Cork It Wine Making. This isn’t your grandmother’s Pinot Gris – it’s the epitome of cool, fresh, and fruit-forward.

From the very first sip, you’re greeted by a bright and fresh palate that’s practically a dance party for your taste buds. Green apple, melon, and lemon zest take center stage, like the rockstars of the fruit world. They’re vibrant, they’re crisp, and they’re ready to light up your palate with an electrifying performance. The whole experience is fruit-forward, like a playlist of your favorite summer hits, and the crisp acidity is like the beat that keeps the party going.

This Pinot Gris isn’t just a wine; it’s a statement. It’s about celebrating the unconventional, embracing the bold, and sipping on a glass of pure, unadulterated fun. It’s one of our most popular whites, and it’s easy to see why – it’s like a hit song you can’t stop playing. So, grab your glass, turn up the volume, and let’s toast to the edgy, the hip, and the fabulous. Cheers to the ultimate Pinot Gris experience!

Food pairing: Seared Scallops with Citrus Beurre Blanc, Grilled Shrimp Tacos with Mango Salsa & Caprese Salad.

Makes 30 bottles of wine.

Ready to bottle in 8 weeks

Alcohol Content 13%

Type: White | Sweetness: Dry | Oak: No Oak | Body: Medium

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