Gewürztraminer, Germany

Gewürztraminer, Germany


Introducing our 6-Week German Gewürztraminer – a wine experience that transports you to the rolling vineyards of Germany, right here in North Vancouver! Crafted with a blend of passion and precision, this wine embodies the youthful and sophisticated spirit of our city. As you embark on this winemaking journey, you’ll become a modern-day alchemist, creating a Gewürztraminer that’s both refreshingly vibrant and elegantly complex.

The German Gewürztraminer grape is a symphony of aromatic delights, and crafting it over six weeks adds layers of nuance. This wine’s aroma is an invitation to a garden in full bloom, with hints of rose petals, lychee, and exotic spices that tantalize your senses. Its flavours are an intricate dance of sweet and spicy, offering a balance that’s as alluring as the North Vancouver skyline. Sipping this Gewürztraminer is like strolling through the city’s hippest streets, where creativity meets tradition, and each taste is an adventure. Unleash your inner winemaker and experience the magic of our 6-Week German Gewürztraminer – a wine that pays homage to the German winemaking heritage while embracing the vivacious energy of our city. This wine is more than just a drink; it’s an expression of artistry and an invitation to join the ranks of North Vancouver’s wine-loving community. Raise a glass to innovation and sophistication, and let your taste buds savour the captivating story of your very own Gewürztraminer. Cheers to this unique fusion of tradition and contemporary style, where the Old World meets the New, creating a wine that’s nothing short of exceptional.

Food pairings: Spicy Thai Curry, Sushi & Sashimi, Aged Gouda

Ready to bottle in 6 weeks.

Makes 30 bottles of wine.

Alcohol Content 11.5%

Type: White | Sweetness: Off-Dry | Oak: No Oak | Body: Light-Medium

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