Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile

Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile


Indulge in the rich and robust world of our four-week premium Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, lovingly crafted at Cork It Wine Making. This wine is a true testament to the winemaking excellence that emanates from the heart of Chile’s vineyards. With its bold and deep character, it stands as a bold expression of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety, offering a symphony of flavors that ignite the senses. As you raise your glass, you’ll be welcomed by enchanting notes of ripe blackcurrant and luscious black cherry, leading the way to a medley of toasty, oak-infused nuances that add layers of complexity to this exquisite wine.

Our Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon is a treasure waiting to be discovered and savored.  Whether you choose to enjoy it now or let it develop further, this wine is a popular choice among connoisseurs and newcomers alike, delivering exceptional quality at a great price point. Whether it’s a special occasion or a simple evening at home, our premium Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon promises an unforgettable journey through the vineyards of Chile, where tradition and innovation converge to create liquid perfection. Cheers to the bold and beautiful world of wine!

Food pairing: Lamb stew, grilled rib eye steak, and mushroom risotto.

Ready to bottle in 4 weeks.

Makes 30 bottles of wine.

Alcohol Content 12.5%

Type: Red | Sweetness: Dry | Oak: Medium | Body: Medium-Full

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