Buzz Buzz – Six Legs Good at Cork it!

Buzz Buzz – Six Legs Good at Cork it!

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We’ve started carrying delicious locally sourced honey from our good friends at Six Legs Good Apiaries


Six Legs Good is a beekeeping company based out of East Vancouver, producing local honey, beeswax, and locally raised queens. Read all about these guys and their bees on their website and blog:

But that’s not all….

We’ve teamed up with Six Legs Good to start making ¬†delicious Honey Mead!

-That’s wine made from honey – It is amazing!


Our orange honey mead can be specially ordered for $175.00 a batch of 30 355 ml bottles (15 750 ml)

Stop by the shop to start up a batch of mead today!

1427 Crown St North Vancouver BC