10 Reasons Why Wine Bottles Have an Indent on The Bottom

10 Reasons Why Wine Bottles Have an Indent on The Bottom

Ever wondered what that indent at the bottom of your wine bottle is for? Most wine bottles have it but the reason behind it isn’t clear and has often remained a mystery. Here are the ten best theories as to what it’s for.

  1. It makes it easier to hold the bottle
  • If you place your thumb on the indent as you grasp the bottle it gives you a better hold
  1. It helps the bottle stand upright
  • Glassblowers used the indent for safety reasons, so the seal doesn’t push out on the bottom cutting people
  1. It used to indicate a well-crafted wine
  • That is not the case today
  1. It creates the deception that a bottle is larger than it is
  • It’s an optical illusion!
  1. It collects sediment
  • Some think that the angle of the indent helps to collects sediments from the wine so that it’s not poured into a glass
  1. It cools the wine faster
  • Some think it increases the surface area allowing more contact with ice
  1. It stopped a bottle from Refilling
  • According to legend taverns used to have a metal pin that would puncture the bottom of a bottle to prevent it from being refilled. This is the most…. creative theory.
  1. It makes cleaning the bottle more efficient
  • The water spreads evenly when it’s shot to the bottom
  1. It helps the bottle handle high pressure
  • Helps with holding carbonated wine, champagne and prosecco
  1. It makes organizing your wine easier
  • It makes stacking your wine a breeze

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