Wine Degassing: An extra step for a smooth finish

Wine Degassing: An extra step for a smooth finish

You may have heard us mention “degassing” when we talk about the different processes we use when making wine at Cork it.

What are all these tubes???

Right before we filter your wine we take an extra step to improve its taste and smooth finish. This process is called Degassing and we do this with a new system developed in New Westminister by a fellow wine maker.

Our custom made degassing machine takes the saturated CO2 left over from fermentation out of the wine without introducing Oxygen – Unlike traditional degassing methods (vigorous stirring/drill mixing)

It doesn’t seem like it should make a big difference, but leaving carbon dioxide in your wine can have 3 negative effects on your wine.

1. It leaves what should be a still wine carbonated.
While white wines often have a bit of fizz to them reds generally shouldn’t. Fizzy Cabernet is not cool.

2. Suspended carbon dioxide prevents wine from properly clearing. White wines are especially sensitive to the amount of suspended carbon dioxide. An improperly degassed white wine can have a haze to it that won’t clear through fining.

3. Carbon dioxide increases the sensation of acidity in wine. While the acid isn’t really there it tastes like it is.

Our Degassing machine works via Vacuum:

A vacuum pump is hooked up to a series of tubes attached to the wines. We place a rough metal diode in each carboy to increase CO2 release… The diode acts in much the same way as a Mentos does in Diet Coke (much less intense of course!)

We degass right before the final step of filtering your wine.

When there’s negative pressure in the carboy the carbon dioxide will come out of suspension (form bubbles) and float to the top of the carboy and out of your wine. 

Now you know why Cork it wine tastes that much better 😉

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