Who We Are

Cork It is a ‘Millennial baby’ business born in the year 2000. And no, we’re not entitled – we’re committed! We’re committed wine enthusiasts with a taste for the simpler and finer things in life…the ones that create memories and check off bucket list items.

Come inside and you’ll find so much to be curious about! “What do you mean you do yoga classes here?” “What’s with all the skateboard decks on the wall?” “Movie night at Cork It?” “Learn to paint??? Really?!?”. Yes, really. We’re all about building community – our wine expertise is the added bonus we use to lure you in!

If you want to truly learn what we’re about and how we got here just pop in. We’ll give you the grand tour, laugh, maybe cry a little, and always keep it real. And if you’re into our Millennial style, you can become a Cork-It groupie and hang with us!