Shrink Caps- 100 Pack

Shrink Caps- 100 Pack



  • Selling Unit: 100 per Pack
  • Width: 30.5 mm = 3.05 cm = 1.2 inches = 1 3/16 inches
  • Length:¬†55 mm = 5.5 cm = 2.17 inches = 2 3/16 inches
  • Tear Off
  • Easy to use and fits all standard 375 ml, 750 ml and 1500 ml wine bottles
  • Made in Europe

Wine capsules are the protective sleeves on the neck of a wine bottle over the cork. 

Additional information

Weight .30 kg
Dimensions 30.48 × 27.94 × 6 cm

Burnt Sienna, Orange, Yellow/Orange, Orange w/Midnight Black Birds, Yellow w/Midnight Black Birds, Almond, Metallic Pine, Pine Green Matte, Dark Olive With Green Grapes, Green Tea, Metallic Ginger Bread, Chestnut Brown, Rusty With Stripes & Grapes, Solid Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Transparent With Gold Bottom, Egyptian Violet, Dusty Rose, Solid Pink, Ruby Red, Red, Metallic Berry, Teal, Light Blue Metallic, Blue With Gold Stripes, Violet With Funky Grapes, Egg Plant, Coal ( Dark Blue/ Grey), Matte Black, Funky Black on Black, Silver Perforated Metal, Silver, White, Pewter, White with Gold Stripes