Glycerin – Finishing Formula (500 ml)

Glycerin - Finishing Formula (500 ml)


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Glycerine – Finishing formula or smoothing agent to help add mouth feel and take the edge of harshness of many DIY distillate. Many home distillers age their moonshine to round out or add flavor to the spirit. Because a home distiller often doesn’t have 5-10 years to age their moonshine in oak barrels it’s often necessary to artificially age the spirit.

When aging a spirit oak chips are often used to add flavor and glucose or glycerine syrups are used as smoothing agents. These natural syrups are also used when making liqueurs. Glycerine is credited for adding smoothness and body to the spirit and are capable of taming the harshness of moonshine.

Pro’s – Smooths out final product, 100% organic, no known side effects and very commonly used in food and beverage industry. Also decreases time needed to age whiskey and rum.

Con’s – can add to much glycerine will notice in the final drink ( small amounts should be added slowly), If added to strong spirits with high proof can turn soapy

Some guide lines for using Glycerine;

  • Whiskey – Add 5ml per 1L
  • Rum – Add 5ml – 8ml per 1L
  • Sambucca – Add 10 ml tsp per 1 L
  • Kahlua – 15 ml per 1L
  • Butterscotch Schnapps – 8 ml per 1L

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