Fuggle (1oz) Hop Pellets

Fuggle (1oz) Hop Pellets


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Typical Use: Aroma
Alpha Acid: 3.0-5.6%
Beta Acid: 2.0-3.0%
Origination: U.K
Aroma/Flavour: Earthy, Fruity, Mild
Styles: English Ale, Brown Ale, Cask Ale, Bitter/ESB, Stout, Porter
Similar Hops: Golding, Glacier, Tettnanger

The Fuggle hop originates in England and was first discovered in 1861 in a hop yard owned by George Stace in Kent. Some 14 years later it was officially named and introduced by Richard Fuggle of Benchley in 1875. Similar to a Styrian Golding, is noted for its distinct European aroma and has enjoyed a long, versatile run.

While its original purpose was to fill the role of bittering and aroma additions, it has since fallen more into the role of an aroma hop, due to the breeding of “Super-Alpha” hops.
If you are looking for a distinctly British taste to your ales, expect Fuggle to contribute Earthy, Fruity and Woody tones.

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