Fining Gelatin (50g)

Fining Gelatin (50g)


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Gelatin Finnings clears beer and wine by causing the particles to coagulate and settle. It can also reduce astringency by removing tannin. Use up to 1 teaspoon per 23 Litres / 6 gallons.

Gelatin, derived from animal tissues, is a good finning agent for red wines because of its affinity for binding with phenols in precipitating suspended particles and for reducing tannin content. For this reason, it is usually not recommended for finning white wines, as it will reduce the small amount of tannins — and, in fact, it may not fine adequately if the tannin content is too low. To avoid over-finning in white wines, tannin powder can be added before gelatin finning.

Gelatin crystals are added at a rate of 10–25 g/hL of wine. Use the maximum rate for highly tannic wines or wines having a higher-than-normal concentration of suspended particles or pectin. Prepare a gelatin solution by soaking unflavored gelatin crystals in approximately 25 times its weight of warm water. For example, if 10 g/hL of gelatin is desired in 20 L of wine, then dissolve 2 g of gelatin in 50 mL of warm water. Stir the gelatin thoroughly until dissolved completely. Some gelatin manufacturers may recommend soaking the gelatin in cold water and then heating it until it just starts boiling. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the gelatin product you purchase.

Mix the warm gelatin solution with a little wine — about twice the amount of water used — and then add it to the rest of the wine while stirring. Rack the wine within 2–3 weeks.

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