How to Host a Blind Wine Tasting

How to Host a Blind Wine Tasting

The folks over at Wine Folly put together a great article on blind wine tastings click the link to read the full article or read our highlight version below:

Blind tastings are great because they teach you what you actually like – and not what you think you like

1. Get a group of friends together and have each person bring a different bottle.

2. Remember to mix it up – Cheap/Expensive/Homemade/4wk/8wk/Barrel Aged/White/Red

3. Tinfoil works best for covering up the label… go a step further and remove the shrink wrap and remember no peeking! Record and number/letter the bottles and keep the master list hidden. Brown bags can work too especially if you’re going for a hobo-esque theme.

4. Ideal wines to bring: Blended reds and whites are not recommended for beginners, but rules are meant to be broken!

5. Start with the Whites! Red wine can over power the palette very quickly.

6. Remember to go easy at first… take small sips of each one or use a spit cup. Save the big gulps for when you’ve already tried ’em all!

7. Follow the 5 step wine tasting program here:

8. Enjoy yourself! Watch the wine snobs pick the cheap-o 4 weekers and be blown away by the magic of barrel aging.

Happy Tasting!
Source: Cork it Blog


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