Get ready for Canada Day Eh!

Get ready for Canada Day Eh!

2 New Cheeky Monkey Limited Releases Now Available

These cheeky canucks are now available for order but you better act fast! Much like Canada’s other elusive legends of Bigfoot and Ogopogo, these limited releases will be gone so fast it will leave you questioning if they were ever really here…
Ready in only 4 weeks

Chardonn-Eh $145.00 for 30 bottles

From the Niagara wine region Ontario, the Chardonn-EH is the perfect summer sipper for enjoying those long cottage weekends kicking back in your patio chairs. Refreshing as a dip in the lake but not leaving you shivering for days. From Ontario  this Chardonnay Musqué*, is a natural fruit-forward mutation of the famous white wine grape. This unique off-dry limited release is a cannonball of peach, apple, and tropical fruit aromas followed by a gentle splash of lush stone fruit flavors. This un-oaked wine with the grapes  lightly blended presents itself as a total surprise. A wine perfect for summer. Drink whilst young.

*This clone of Chardonnay, originally from Burgundy, is a natural mutation that shows pronounced Muscat aromas. Today, the clone is rare in France yet popular in Ontario, Canada. It shares Chardonnay’s aromas of crisp apples, stone fruit and citrus aroma and gives them a bright lift. Citrus blossoms and musk stick swirl about. The flavors in our wine are fresh, succulent and juicy.

Cabern-Eh $150 for 30 bottles

BC wine from Okanagan
BC wine lovers, pay attention. This is exactly what you have been looking for!
We proudly present BC’s Cab Sauvignon scoring with bold dark fruit aromas and flavors of black cherry, blackberry, and blackcurrant. Layered with toasty oak, assertive tannins, and a zesty finish like a flavor slap shot right to your palate, this isn’t a wine for the lighthearted. 
Full-bodied and burly but with undeniable finesse, this Cabern-EH will make you gain respect for BC reds.

Source: Cork it Blog


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