Age your wine to perfection in our oak barrels


Cork It Wine Making proudly offers a barrel ageing program to compliment any red wine made on premise. Our American Appalachian Oak barrels are toasted and charred in Oliver BC and produces some of Cork it Winemaking’s premium award winning wines. The barrel ageing process improves and enhances your wine through the processes of evaporation and low level exposure to oxygen/controlled oxidation. The evaporation concentrates the flavours and aroma resulting in greater complexity and a softening of the harsh tannins and flavors present in a young wine. The barrel ageing process will also add essences of vanilla, caramel, sweet toasty aromas, notes of tea and tobacco and an overall structural complexity of oak that mingles with the tannin from the fruit. From medium bodied, to bold reds our barrel aging wines are sure to be a crowd pleaser! Taste the difference!

Personal Oak Barrels 23L $30 extra

If there is a specific wine you would like to have barrel aged then try out one of our personalized barrels! Make a batch of whichever wine you prefer and after the filtration process we can add your wine into a 23 litre barrel which will sit for approximately 1 month.
The small barrel has a higher oak to wine ratio which results in a faster exposure to the oak thus the wine does not need to stay in the small barrel for very long.
Please note: Due to lack of popularity, we are unable to accommodate white wine barrel aging programs.

Communal R Barrel Aging 230L

-Call for prices

10 customers are required to per-register a space in our community barrels. We feature only premium quality wines for the aging process. There are always 4 varietals available for sign up to fill each of our 223 litre barrels. These wines will sit for 3-6 months and will then be filtered out of the barrel into individual carboys for the bottling process. Although it does require some patience, our community barrel wines are by far our best quality wines and we have won medals for various batches over the past few years.

*Generally our expert staff members choose the wine variety but we are always open to varietal suggestions for the next batch!